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How Do We Make Your Life Easier? 

Turn Around Time of 2-3 Days

Access to Shortlisted Profiles

Pay Only For Selected Profiles

90%+ Cost Saving on Hiring

A freelance platform to find quality professionals when needed and where needed.

QWIRK  is a freelance platform to help firms find quality professionals when needed and where needed. 

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Hire Best Freelancers Selected by Best Recruiters in 48 Hours

Hire experienced freelancers sourced and shortlisted by our team within 48 Hours in USA 

Cut Time To Hire.... Easy Access To Shortlisted Resumes!   

What’s more? You only need to pay a few hundred rupees to recruit your candidate from the categories we cater.

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A Platform to launch Your Career

Not able to find jobs?​

Get mentored, trained and placed. And pay only after placements

Our Journey So Far

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20,000+ Validated Profiles
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